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About Us

Estelot Health Tourism Agency started out as a travel tourism agency. With the fact that Turkey has become one of the few countries in the world in terms of medicine, it has started to provide Health Tourism services to you by using the travel infrastructure we have.

The most important factors that distinguish Estelot Health Tourism Agency from other agencies are:

  • Using the travel agency infrastructure from the past
  • Working with the biggest health groups in Turkey and known all over the world
  • It stands out with differences such as working with a professional team that has proven itself not only in the medical sense, but also in the field of tourism.

As Estelot Health Tourism Agency we take care of your entire travel program, not just your treatment process.
We provide you Travel and get beautiful


Human Health is a serious job!

    •    With a total of 1541 hospitals, including the number of hospitals of the Ministry of Health 908 , the private hospital 571, and the number of university hospital 68 it forces the first place in the world.
    •    With Airport Pick Up, Accommodation Opportunities,Translation Services and our expert hospitals and doctors, we benefit you in a hygienic environment!


From the moment you contact Estelot Health Tourism Agency,our responsibilities towards you, our valued customers, begin to occur. While fulfilling these responsibilities, our first priority is to ensure that your health and treatment process takes place in a hygienic environment.


From the first moment you contact us, to take care of your Flight Ticket and Visa transactions so that our valued customers can reach Türkiye in the most comfortable conditions!


To meet you at the airport from your arrival in Türkiye and transfer you to your hotel in order to fulfill your Accommodation Services.

Specialist Doctor and Hospital Appointment

To make an appointment with our specialist doctor and hospitals in line with your report that we will request from you before your treatment.


To ensure the realization of your pre-treatment preparations and treatment in our contracted European Standards hospitals, physical therapy centers and thermal facilities.

Treatment Process

To provide you with Translation and Consultation by our team for all your requests and needs during your treatment!

After Treatment

With the end of your treatment, to transfer you to the airport and to follow up your control and monitoring process and to make an appointment with your doctor when deemed necessary.

Our Units

We provide you with many services in Hygienic environments with our hospitals in European Standards and our staff of specialist doctors.

  • All Units
  • IVF
  • Thermal Theraphy
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Dental Treatments
  • Check Up





Check Up

Breast Surgery

Thermal Theraphy


Check Up


Hair Transplantation

Check Up

Dental Filling

Thermal Threapy

Beard Transplantation


Thermal Threapy

Laminate Applications

Facial Aesthetics

Smile Design

Eye Brow Transplantation

Porcelain, Zirconium Applications

Our Hospitals

Our contracted hospitals in various cities of Türkiye, each more comfortable than the other and equipped with the latest technologies.

Medipol Health Group

We have an agreement with all Medipol Health Group Hospitals, especially in Istanbul and Antalya!

Medical Park Health Group

We have an agreement with all Medical Park Health Group Hospitals, especially in Istanbul and Antalya!

Acıbadem Health Group

We have an agreement with all Acıbadem Health Group Hospitals, especially in Istanbul and Antalya!

Medicana Health Group

We have an agreement with all Medicana Health Group Hospitals, especially in Istanbul and Antalya!

Memorial Health Group

We have an agreement with all Memorial Health Group Hospitals, especially in Istanbul and Antalya!!

Liv Health Group

We have an agreement with all Liv Health Group Hospitals, especially in Istanbul and Antalya!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is IVF Treatment?

    The IVF method is an assisted reproductive technique applied to infertile couples and has been used for a long time. “In Vitro Fertilization” is one of the most preferred infertility treatments today. In cases of unexplained infertility, infection, clogging of the tubes, poor sperm quality, weight or advanced age, couples can have a baby with the in vitro fertilization method.

  • PRP treatment is obtained as a result of the separation of white blood cells and platelets by passing your own blood through a special process and injected into the diluted area. In this process, which takes 30-40 minutes in total, no pain is felt and no scars are formed. PRP technology is used in hair treatments, especially against hair loss. In addition to this, hair transplantation with PRP Assisted Hair Transplantation method is now available.also yields positive results. The basis of this application is based on tissue regeneration. Application as 4 sessions once in 15-20 days and 2 sessions with 1 month intervals, ie 6 sessions in recommended. Then, the application is repeated a few times each year as a single session.

  • Smile design is the most important element of the aesthetic concept. Therefore, aesthetic dentistry focuses on the smile. Smile design means more than designing teeth. most beautiful smile aims to capture. Smile, on the other hand, changes according to age. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve an aesthetic smile according to age. Teeth are important in smile design, however, only teeth are not taken into account. In aesthetic dentistry applications; Planning is done by considering criteria such as nose, face, cheek, chin, lips, skin color and age.

  • The aim of thermal therapy is undoubtedly to restore health to patients. In treatments used as an adjunct to medical methods and performed by specialist doctors:

    • Increase body resistance.
    • Reducing the patient's complaints.
    • Speeding up the disease process.
    • Improve the general condition.
    • Preventing permanent damage.

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